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About Socius Legal Services

Our Spirit

Socius Legal Services was established in January of 2015 as a law firm to comprehensively serve both corporate and individual clients.

The name of our firm is taken from the Latin word “Socius”, which means “partner” or “comrade” in English. True to our name, we see our clients as partners, and our members will work together under our shared spirit of putting forth our clients’ interests before all else. We also believe that external and internal communications are of the utmost importance for serving our clients effectively, and hope that our firm provides a platform where both our clients and members can communicate free of constraint, alias a “Social Oasis”.

We at Socius Legal Services provide high quality legal services in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, corporate alliances, commercial transactions, corporate governance, labor, litigation, intellectual property, regulatory issues and other general corporate matters by drawing upon our extensive knowledge and experience accumulated through years of practice in these fields, both at one of the leading law firms in Japan and at prominent U.S. and U.K. law firms. We are also confident that, by making full use of the advantages of a firm with a small number of professionals with high expertise in each practice area, we are able to present practical and client/case oriented solutions while maintaining our fees at a reasonable level and allowing us the flexibility to meet our clients’ expectations.

Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, whether the service you request is an ad hoc counseling or continuous legal support, you will always be our first priority. Every one of our clients is our invaluable partner, and we will always go all out for you.

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